What are the different ways to care for peonies and get them bouquet ready?

What are the different ways to care for peonies and get them bouquet ready?

Peonies are absolute, iconic, and gloriously unpredictable. Everybody loves them. Peony season can last from May to June, and it’s always a thrill waiting for these beauties to arrive. The first harvest of peonies is called Coral Charms, followed by the pink Sarah Bernhardt variety. Your peonies may arrive in marble-sized buds and bloom over several days into large ruffles. Fresh-cut peonies can last five days or longer in your vase with excellent care and attention.

Some peonies bouquet treatment tips will help keep your peonies fresh for as long as possible. We’ve even got some extra tips on opening up the buds faster if you’re feeling impatient. A bouquet full of big, beautiful, spring-blooming peonies always brightens up a room. Florists love making a vase of them where we can admire the flowers’ ruffled textures and vibrant colors up close. Whether you harvested them yourself from your cutting garden or purchased them at a favorite florist’s shop, peonies can last a surprisingly long time, given the proper care.

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Here’s how one can choose the best flowers and keep them fresh so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Plus, we have some bonus advice for encouraging the buds to open faster.

The following are the different ways to care for a peonies bouquet:

  • Peonies will stay the longest when bought or harvested while still in bud form. Don’t be scared to touch the buds before buying. If they’re soft, gently think about the marshmallow texture; they’re close to opening. Avoid ones that feel hard like marble because they may not be developed enough to open once picked. Buds aren’t supposed to be pretty, and slight deformities like little brown spots are regular. And if one is picking your backyard peonies, head out in the morning to look for buds. If you look into it until later in the day, there’s a better chance that the flowers will have opened up by then.
  • Like many freshly delivered flowers, stashing peonies in the fridge at night is a guaranteed way to help them last longer. But you might take the trick a step further. Try cutting these peony buds while they’re soft, wrapping them in the newspaper, and storing them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use them.

The peonies bouquet won’t bloom up in the fridge, but you can preserve them for an extra day or two if you need them to last for a garden party or get-together.