• Balayya Continues His High Rated Show On Unstoppable Season 2

    Balayya Continues His High Rated Show On Unstoppable Season 2

    Balayya is back with t he most awaited talk show, ‘Unstoppable.’ It’s already been released by the makers on Aha – the preferred source to watch Telugu web series online. The show’s first episode had a positive response from fans and they are now eagerly awaiting the next episode. It is worth noting that the show will have a weekly broadcast format with a new episode airing every Friday.

    Balayya, with a double dose 

    Nandamuri Balakrishna, fondly known as Balayya, has enthralled us with his on-screen histrionics. He is all set to entertain the audience with the second season of his hit show, Unstoppable.

    The show is amazing to watch with family and will be a double dose of entertainment. The show will also have a special segment where the host will answer questions from the viewers and it will feature one episode weekly so it’s the best way to start your weekend with this show.

    He is one actor who brings life into the most mundane proceedings. No matter what the situation, he always manages to entertain his fans. He has always been a fan favorite, his shows have always been huge hits, and fans have always been supportive.

    The host returns in a new avatar!

    Nandamuri Balakrishna has seen an entirely different avatar in the second series of Unstoppable. The makers released the first look of the actor a few days before the show, in which he is seen in a chef’s outfit.

    He has seen interacting with people in his unique style and entertaining the audience with his charisma. Season 2 will also see some of the biggest stars in the industry, and it is sure to be a treat for the fans.

    Blockbuster views for the teaser 

    The makers have already released the show’s promo, which will surely grab the attention. The promo shows that the show will be a bigger hit than the first season. The promo shows that the talk show will be a double entertainer with the participation of the contestants and the host, Balayya.

    The promo shows that the fans are enjoying the second season of this show. They have already given the show a hugely positive response. So, we can expect to see even more of the show in the second season.

    Watch ‘Unstoppable’ Balayya on Aha. 

    Aha is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of Telugu movies and shows. The eclectic yet entertaining talk show, Unstoppable is now streaming on Aha. Watch it and enjoy with your entire family.

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  • Telugu Movies That Get On University Love

    Telugu Movies That Get On University Love

    If you desire to watch a romantic film based upon school as well as university life’s innocence, you ought to attempt looking for some of the very best charming Telugu films. Many films have been made on the virtue of love, as well as some of them are additionally based on love that happens in colleges and also colleges. So if you are searching for several of the most latest Telugu movies online that you will certainly find relatable or that will certainly make you remember the time of your love in institution and college, you need to see this on the current OTT Telugu system.

    Many popular for its track “Why This Kolaveri Di”, Three is a Tamil romantic mental thriller including Dhanush as Ram and Shruti Hassan as Janani. This film was produced, composed in addition to directed by Aishwarya R. Dhanush. It was her debut feature film, as well as the movie obtained a lot of achievements, specifically for its track, which was the most-streamed track of all time worldwide. Many more supporting actors acted in the film, like Prabhu as Ram’s father, Sivakarthikeyan as Kumaran, Sunder Ramu as Senthil, and Gabriella Charlton as Sumi, Janani’s sibling.

    The film has to do with Ram and Janani’s romance, where Janani hallucinates regarding Ram at his funeral service. She sees flashbacks when they were in grade 12 and how he met Ram, where Ram had fixed her bike. Later, Ram informs his pal Senthil as well as Kumaran that he loves Janani, that also reciprocates his love. In the present, Janani encounters a self-destruction letter from Ram and also ask Senthil concerning the letter. She familiarizes about Ram’s suffering and also exactly how he was experiencing a difficult time as a result of his bipolar illness, hostile behavior, chronic clinical depression and self-destructive tendencies. This movie is centred on mental illness and also the pain and also sacrifice connect with love.

    Mem Vayasuku Vacham

    If you want to view a few of the latest Telugu movies on the internet, you can see Mem Vayasuku Vacham. Bekkam Venugopal creates this Telugu charming coming-of-age film, and Trinadha Rao Nakkina routes it. This movie features stars like Tanish as Lakshman or Lucky as well as Niti Taylor as Dil in the leading roles. Several other sustaining actors like Madalasa Sharma as Kushi, K Bhagyaraj as Subramanyam, Rama Prabha Dil’s grandfather, Y. Kashi Vishwanath as Lucky’s papa, as well as a lot more.

    The film is centred on Lucky, who fulfills Dil, a Muslim girl and does not recognize when he falls in love with her. It is rather late for him to know that he is head over heels crazy with her when Dil is involved with an additional male. Dil does’nt reciprocate to his love conveniently; however, she later on realises that she likes Lucky. You can enjoy this movie have a look at if Lucky went to all ‘fortunate’ in being with his love forever.

    You can enjoy many more charming movies online if you live on AHA, the best Telugu OTT system. So download aha app today.

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