Powerpoint has a lot of valuable features.

It’d be simple to slam PowerPoint, particularly given the unfortunate purposes we see over and over again, plain exhausting slides with no character, or more regrettable yet slides immersed with text, conveyed by droning teachers lacking excitement. In any case, this much convicted broadly utilized application is prepared to do a great deal more at this point! Allow Okslides an opportunity.


The people who know about a portion of these capacities might find them a piece every day, except actually recollect that it was so cool to see and involve them interestingly. While many might know about some of these strategies, figure most perusers will track down something fun and new here for Okslides.


Following are cool things you can do with the famous show apparatus. Some are truly simple; others will take additional time and work to get to know. Be sure not to overdo these, particularly while getting everything rolling with PowerPoint. Use them sparingly to accentuate and keep it intriguing, not to make a kaleidoscope of visual turmoil.



1. Activities


PowerPoint’s Animation capacities are a simple method for carrying a tomfoolery and energy to your slides with only a couple of snaps. Click on some happy on a drop that you need to attempt an Animation with, then, at that point, click on the Animations menu. You will see choices like “Show up,” “Blur,” “Fly-In,” and so forth. Click one to see what it will resemble when applied to your chosen substance!


2. Movement Paths


The Motion Path is perhaps the most adaptable Animation that anyone could hope to find in PowerPoint. Articles can get across the screen, and you can change the way they follow as they do as such. On the off chance that you click the ‘Add Animations’ button from inside the Animations menu, this will raise a menu of the different Entrance, Exit, Emphasis, and so forth, Animations, including Motion Paths.


3. Text and Image Emphasis


One bunch of Animations are for “Accentuation.” When you click the Add Animation button on the Animations menu, you see these. However long you’ve chosen an article before you click the menu choices, you’ll have the option to drift over Emphasis choices like Teeter, Wave, Grow/Shrink, and so on, to perceive how they will look when applied. Remember, you can change things about the Animations, so you might have the option to inspire it to act rather distinctively and accomplish an ideal i