Short-term loans

Understand about short-term loans

Since short-term loans are not meant to be repaid in the same time frame that they were taken out, some people take out multiple short-term loans from many different lenders. The interest rate on these various loans may be higher than the longer-term free loan options available from your bank or credit union, where there are no fees for borrowing money over time in small increments of time. Here are more things about short term loans:


• Your payment has to be made within ten business days after taking out the loan, or your lender can begin charging you late fees or other charges


• If you use your credit card to take out a short-term loan, make sure that it’s only one month ahead of when you need the money so that it doesn’t go on your card’s statement and you have to pay interest on it.


• Don’t use a short-term loan as if it were a credit card because, with your actual credit card, you can pay off your balance every month. This will not work with Short term loans low interest, so expect to keep paying the entire amount borrowed at least once per month until your whole loan is paid back in full.


• If you decide on a short-term loan instead of your regular bank or credit union loan because the interest rate is lower, remember that it will take longer until you can pay off this short-term loan. It’s best to use this option as a last resort and not as your primary source of borrowing money. Many people find that borrowing from a bank or credit union loans makes more sense than using their checks or other forms of capital that take longer for them to pay back.