How To Select The Best Trade Show Display

In a struggling economy, established and new businesses alike are looking for an impact to support or bring their products and services into the mainstream. Trade shows offer many of these companies the only opportunity they can get to have their products and services seen and evaluated by industry buyers and the mainstream media.

The shows are produced by advertising companies that advertise your show on market demand.

One type of program is the media-only program. Product reviewers from magazines and print publications and television and online media are invited to the show with the promise of food, entertainment, giveaways, and most of all, the opportunity to experience a great new product that could change the world.

The trade show displays are also organized for buyers from large companies. These buyers will come and evaluate products based on their needs and the exhibits that catch their eye. If their interest is piqued, manufacturers will sell large volumes of orders.

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There are also consumer-oriented shows. These shows provide the opportunity to get in direct contact with the type of clientele that fits your demographic. Examples of larger shows would be boat and car shows, usually held in large convention centers and arenas.

Venues for trade shows range from medium-sized hotel ballrooms to the large convention centers mentioned above. Exhibit fees in this type of setup will range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on location and room exposure.

Most show production agencies will also offer sponsorship opportunities for an additional fee. The additional coverage will increase the chance of recognition by consumers and the media and the possibility of being considered by a major media outlet. It will include advertisements at the fair, inclusion in print advertisements, and placement on their websites.

Choosing the correct display and the right type of trade show booth to showcase a product or service is determined by several factors. Audience or product demographics should drive most decisions, but the size of the show should match the size of the business. Some companies are willing to take large orders, while others need launch access and small orders to grow sustainable.

A showcase or stand at a fair, which offers the media or the consumer the opportunity to try a product or use a company service, or offers the possibility of winning some gift, ensures that the product is remembered in time.


There are plenty of opportunities for businesses of all sizes to find a trade show or trade show booth that suits their needs. When the exposure is correct, the benefits are endless.