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Getting Smart Through Learning in Saint John’s Catholic Preparatory School

An integrated school foundation of Christian provides a Christianly environment and admirable education for every student within support of the Gospel and the culture of Catholic Church. The aim is to trust association and enhance future leaders for this millennial age to academic virtue.

The prestigious Saint John’s Catholic School fredericks md is educating the high school students to be leaders with kindhearted and discerning spirits as they follow the truth, academic excellence and helping hands to humankind. Saint John’s Catholic Preparatory school is a Jesuit heritage independent, and enhances education of the students and cross-cultural school.

What are the goals of their studies in St. John Catholic School?

Saint John’s catholic school Frederick, MD serves its students, community, and the kingdom of God. These are the values of tradition that are rooted and established by its Jesuit founder, Father John McElroy, which reflects the message of Jesus and the taught wisdom, reason, story, and personal examples:

  • To provide the students a chance for prayer, reflection, and help with aspects of one’s faith.
  • To follow a code of conduct that generates self-discipline and self-direction.
  • To enhance the individual self respect for others in a family environment.
  • To stimulate the student as a thoughtful person and to encourage the full development of each academic and intelligence.
  • To guide students of advanced academics to appreciate the relevance of the previous as it applies to both present and future experiences.
  • To motivate the student to attempt not only for academic excellence but also for self satisfaction and personal satisfaction and social fulfillment.
  • To support great instructors who have variation of participation, assist students’ capabilities on their great potentials.
  • To provide for each student an educational program which regularly assesses the needs of the student.
  • To provide assets of learning which develop skills and enable us to continue a lifetime of learning.

What are the course offerings in St. John Catholic School?

To graduate and receive a Saint John’s diploma, a student will have to pass 65% or better for all the required courses and carry out all academic needs for graduation. The school offers various diplomas such as the college preparatory diploma, a diploma with honors, and a diploma with high honors. This subject will be credited requirements for these diplomas are as follows:

  • English Subject
  • Fine arts
  • Mathematics Subject
  • Physical education Subject
  • Science Subject
  • Social studies
  • Technology and AOPA STEM
  • Theology
  • World languages