home education in times of pandemic

Tips to motivate with home education in times of pandemic

The closure of schools due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19 offers parents the possibility of enjoying more time with the little ones in the house. Many of us are enjoying this experience, although for others it can be somewhat complicated when we have to continue with education at home,in addition to distance work and we do not have enough material or knowledge to do the great work that teachers do in the classroom.

Establish schedules

The first of the initial education experts’ recommendations, and perhaps the most important, is to set schedules for each of the day’stasks. We all need a routine that motivates us and makes the confinement more bearable, thus avoiding that the days go by in vain.

It is important to agree with your children an hour to get up, to do their homework, attend virtual classes, to enjoy free time and do other types of activities. These schedules will be different from the usual ones, but it is key to maintain routines as much as possible, adapting the times as best suits them in this new situation.

Create a study space

Create a study space!

Children need their own space to do their homework and study. At school they usually have their desk or table, but if at home they still don’t have a well-equipped desk, now is the time to make their own space with them!

Choose a place in the house where they can be quiet, with natural light and enough space. A good table and comfortable chair are paramount.  They will also need to have school supplies, avoiding toys and other distractions, which should be out of reach while they are concentrating on their homework.

Put a schedule on the screens

If you are lucky enough that your child is following the classes via videoconference, limit the use of the screens for these moments that are essential.

Outside of that time, children no longer need to spend time glued to the computer, tablet or mobile. For this reason, it is also important to establish a schedule of use for these electronic devices, avoiding abuse and giving them other leisure alternatives that are equally entertaining.

Artistic activities

Artistic activities can be a great form of escape in these moments of confinement and also a very good tool to connect with emotions.

The painting, dancing or learning to play an instrument, can become very good levels of learning.

Household activities can also be part of learning

Although it is not a subject that is taught in schools, taking advantage of the confinement at home, children of any age can begin to learn and enjoy housework. If you plan it as a game for them, this learning will be very useful and they will surely love being part of the responsibilities of the home.