Sending Self-Destructing Encrypted Messages: The Ultimate Guide

Today more than ever in this digital era of ours, we are more and more often sending messages. Whether it be to a friend across the world, or to a significant other who happens to be in the same room as us on our phones, we are constantly communicating with each other. And with us being able to send anything from email and messages, it can be challenging to know how secure the message is from prying eyes.

Self-Destructing Messages

Self-destructing messages are a wonderful and reliable way to ensure that no one other than the one who is sending you the привнот message will be able to access it in the future. The feature of encryption for messages is possible because you can save images and files that can be sent using this method.

Self-Destructing Photos

Using the popular app Snapchat, you can send photos to your friends and the pictures disappear from their phones 10 seconds or less after they are viewed. This is done by sending the message as an image instead of in a text format. This way, it is impossible for anyone to access the message in any other way than by taking a screenshot of it while they have control over it. Also, the sender of the message is not able to see your Snaps until a few seconds after you view it.

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Phantom Images via SMS

Phantom images are one of the most commonly used messages sent in groups using WhatsApp and applying this method will allow you to send several images at once without having them deleted from smartphones after they are viewed by other users. To do this, you must include a sixth image as the background of another image in your message, which will automatically delete the last image after other participants view it.


To be able to send self-destructing messages and images, you must have started using the app with your friends and family who are using this service. If they are not using the app, you cannot use this feature until they also download it.

The Best Self Destructing Messaging Apps

There are several apps and websites that offer the ability to send self-destructing messages. The best ones are those that allow you to send videos instead of text, because it is much more secure. With the video format, each image will be saved in the video, which then cannot be accessed by anyone else.