• What SWMA options does your IBM i hosting provider offer?

    What SWMA options does your IBM i hosting provider offer?

    Your IBM i hosting provider should offer a variety of SWMA options to choose from, depending on your specific needs. Some common SWMA options include:

    -24/7 monitoring and support

    -Backup and disaster recovery services

    -Security and compliance services

    -Application development and maintenance services

    -Infrastructure management and support services

    Designing the SWMA Options for Your IBM i hosting Incident Management Plan

    Your IBM i hosting services provider must offer a full range of software and data applications on its hosts,

    IBM i cloud

    which may include any combination of the following:

    -Human applications

    -System applications

    -Application data

    The software and data applications that you have deployed are managed under a high level of control. The terms service contract defines how the resources shared by your provider are provisioned and utilized. It covers criteria such as management of security, configuration, authentication, traffic prioritization, and data recovery. The type of resources typically need to be monitored under control include your software and data. Your provider should design these areas of the site to interface with appropriate interfaces, such as application event points. The interfaces which can be configured and tuned to reduce common incidents include:

    -Java instrumented (dependency) code

    -SQL Instrumented (dependency) code

    -Access data files

    -Unprotected FIS

    The IBM i cloud hosting incident management process is used to resolve and/or prevent problems or errors which may arise in the performance of your SWMA tools. To address “outsourced” problems related to the IBM i hosting incident management service, you should generate a specific SLA for incident response, or risk any negative issues which may occur in the performance of your outsourced IBM i services with your web hosting provider.

    Why is IBM i access plug-ins important?

    Existing IBM i plug-ins are expected, whether the software is being updated or applied to a new instance, in most instances will only implement or trigger basic updates. Most scripts and enhancements will be built in the host based image, and should only involve basic upgrades of existing instances to the newest version. Only a few scripts could possibly be upgraded within an instance, or within the image.

    If you are looking for solutions in providing ongoing scripts that will need to be updated, the particular application being scripted, and the instance lifecycle (7 or some multiple thereof), it is expected that information on your usage requirements with other popular IBM i software packages, and assumptions for proposed scripts based on supporting documentation.

    Applications meant for the future will be likely to be more dynamic and complex, so naturally the recommendations above from ToolForge as individuals will provide more support on implementations specifically related to custom software applications