Squid Game Store

Follow the trend of Squid game by purchasing attires

One more trending and tremendous show released on the Internet is Squid Game. It is full of violence, adventure, reality, and emotions, which has made the entire season to be more interesting and fantastic. All the six-game levels, starting from the famous red light-green light, to the squid game itself, every level, every episode is shot beautifully.

In today’s world, what goes on trending, becomes a trend among people, and so does the Squid Game. By saying Squid game, we don’t mean the actual game, but the attires that all the horses (that means the players), and the masked men wore. Now, you can purchase your own masked men’s attire or the green color tracksuit from the Squid Game Store. Well, let’s see what all are the things that we can get on this online store.

Squid Game Apparel available attires

This online store gives you all the things that represent the Squid game. That means they have the masks of the frontman, soldier, manager, and worker as well. So, you can purchase any mask that you want. Not only this, they have many other following things to give:

Masked men attire (Clothes, Masks)

If you have seen the squid game, then you know who are the masked men in the show, the torturer, the frontman, and all the people who wore the red one-piece suit with a black colored mask having a square, triangle, or a sphere printed. So, if you want to feel like a masked man, you can purchase the red attire and mask of your choice and size.

Squid Game Store

The players (Horses) Tracksuits

If you remember towards the end, it was revealed that these players are like the horses on who the VIPs bet. The entire game is based upon them. So, if you want to get that green-colored tracksuit, with a white-colored shirt printed with the number of the entire focused group, then you can purchase it here.

The famous deadly honeycomb equipment

The Honeycomb was the game that eliminated some players, as they broke their honeycomb while cutting them in the chosen shape. You can get those cutters in the shape of Circle, Triangle, Square, Star, and Umbrella as well.

The scary invitation cards

The famous light brown invitation cards with three printed shapes are also available in the squid game store.

Other things

Apart from these things that we can see in the show itself, there are other things as well, like different colored shirts, and hoods with squid game words or the three shapes printed. You can find tees in the Korean Language as well. There are a lot of other accessories available like bracelets with printed shapes, pouches of different colors, lockets. You can also find denim jackets representing squid games. One other thing that you can find is the figurines of all the masked men – the manager, the soldier, and the worker, and of the Frontmen as well. Moreover, there are some posters as well which have some glimpses of the show.