Why women’s health care is important? Women’s health care clinic in Singapore

Why women’s health care is important? Women’s health care clinic in Singapore

The health problems in women are different from men’s. In such a situation, the diseases caused by both and the effect on their health are also not the same. But why the health problems of both males and females are opposite?

Menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are a part of females’ lives, which makes them different from men, so are their diseases and their effects on the body.  Women have a slightly lower social status than men in most parts of the world and cultures. Therefore women’s health problems, their treatment, and care are not given much attention.

Why women’s health care is important?

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 United Nations data suggests that women constitute almost half percent of the world population. Data released by the International Journal of Health Care Women, women account for two-thirds of the world labor department, but their income is only 10 percent of total income.

Despite being such a large part of the population in the world and making a significant contribution to development, women were not able to get the health facilities and other benefits that they were entitled to, men and women are different in behavioral and physical terms. That means the needs of women cannot be met on a one-size-fits-all basis on many social aspects.

Women’s health issues need to be better understood, as their good health plays a crucial role in building the next generation of humans. Women’s health needs attention, especially when women have to face special problems. Women face several problems like Gynecological health problems (irregular periods, bacterial vaginosis, PCOS, endometriosis, anonymization, uterine fibroids), disorders such as vulvodynia), problems related to pregnancy such as postpartum care, abortion, premature birth, cesarean section, birth defects, breastfeeding problems, etc. Other problems such as Ovary cancer, cervical cancer, and several other health issues that women face.

Best women’s health care clinic in Singapore.

Osler international is one of the best among women’s health care clinic clinics, there are other different services also provided. Depending on your comfort and preference, Osler international has both male and female doctors. They also offer human papillomavirus (HPV)  vaccines, cervical cancer vaccination, etc.

Women full-body screening is also available in the clinic, which aims at the wellbeing, body care of women, it helps you understand the potential causes of the health problems. Gynecological health care, sexual health, mental health, sports injuries,  Menopause, and contraception services are available in Osler international.