Few wireless devices for cleaning

It has the characteristics of the “basic” model but offers the very practical wireless functionality. It guarantees up to 30 consecutive minutes of functionality, however for the range in which it is placed, we suggest you also make a comparison with the following.

the best wireless

Brand new model, which is receiving a lot of appreciation . Very compact, it is cordless (therefore battery operated) and bagless, and can operate both dry and wet. It can therefore easily replace the electric broom and as a floor cleaner does not look bad compared to the models mentioned above. We really like the futuristic display that gives all the indications of the electronic sensor, which adapts the use to the dirty conditions that are found. It is also smart (therefore connected) and decidedly silent. We like it, and we talk about it more in depth in our Tineco scrubber test , which better explains all the innovations present commercial carpet cleaning near me in Des Moines.

the most compact

The German company is one of the leaders in the cleaning sector : read here our in-depth analysis on Karcher scrubbers . In the catalog there are machines for professional cleaning up to simple battery-powered brooms. The FC5 model is one of the latest born, precisely to meet the ever-increasing needs of families who are looking for handy and efficient products for home cleaning. The washer-dryer uses two rotating microfibre rollers that suck and wash the floor at the same time: this system ensures that even the rollers always remain clean. The tank can hold 400ml of clean water which allows you to clean an area of ​​approximately 60 square meters. Perfect for hard floors (wood, stone or PVC) in the home or small to medium sized interiors. For those looking for the top of the range there is also the Karcher FC5 Cordless with an autonomy of about 20 minutes.

This is the novelty of the moment: probably the most powerful and complete battery-powered floor scrubber , equipped with 4 rollers arranged in an innovative counter-rotating system : practically like two FC5 side by side. Its autonomy is crazy: a good 45 minutes for almost 130 square meters of floor, but it is even more compact than average and very practical to use, as the heavy part is almost entirely on the ground. Not only that: the innovative joint allows you to easily pass under most of the furniture. Its negative side is basically only the price, among the highest in the category, but if you do not have budget problems it is definitely a TOP choice , especially if you have a medium / large house.