Applications of Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Coatings

It’s critical to choose the correct materials from the start, whether you’re building from scratch or refurbishing a room. Some locations necessitate the use of more durable materials, particularly on the floors and walls. In a commercial kitchen, school cafeteria, or research laboratory, plush carpet and wallpaper may look great in an office or boutique, but they won’t stay long. Chemical-resistant, moisture-resistant, and hygienic flooring and wall systems are required in environments that see a lot of usage and abuse.

Epoxy flooring and epoxy coating are examples of resinous flooring and wall systems that are designed to withstand the rigors of a demanding environment. Bacteria and mold cannot grow in grout or seam lines because epoxy floors and walls are flawless. The epoxy floor installation or utilizing epoxy coating on a wall system has extra advantages.

  • Locker rooms and public restrooms

Locker rooms, whether they’re in a gym, a school, or a leisure center, require floors that can withstand heavy foot traffic and high moisture levels. Locker rooms must have sanitary floors because people use them to shower and groom themselves. Epoxy flooring is a wonderful choice for locker rooms and public restrooms because of its smooth design and moisture resistance.

  • Hospitals and doctors’ offices

All healthcare facilities, including hospitals and private doctors’ offices, must employ sanitary and easy-to-clean materials. Epoxy flooring can be used in all parts of a hospital or doctor’s office, from the waiting rooms to the patient rooms, as well as the restrooms and cafeterias.

  • Warehouses

Employees explore the aisles for things to pack into shipments, which creates a lot of foot traffic in warehouses. Spills are possible, especially if a product falls or bursts open. Heavy gear, such as forklifts, is also used in some warehouses, which can put a lot of strain on the flooring.

  • Veterinary practices and animal hospitals

The flooring in a veterinarian’s office or animal hospital must also be sanitary and easy to clean and maintain. Chemical resistance is another factor to consider for veterinarians, as a sick, terrified animal may have an accident on the floor or knock over a treatment bottle.

  • School cafeterias

The floors of school cafeterias are subjected to a great deal of abuse. Children aren’t always the cleanest diners, so a food battle is a possibility. A cafeteria’s floor must be easy to clean and sanitary. It must also be able to endure a large volume of pedestrian activity. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, is perfect for high-abuse, high-traffic areas such as cafeterias.

Some types of flooring necessitate a lot of maintenance. Hardwood floors should be sanded or refinished on a regular basis, and tile grout should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. Epoxy flooring is incredibly simple to keep clean. The floor will continue to look good and work well for years if you maintain it clean.