Boutique Hotel Management

Everything You Need to Know About a Boutique Hotel Management Group

Boutique hotels may have been a new fixture in the tourism scenario but no one can deny the effect that they have had on the scenery. Boutique hotels are comparatively smaller establishments that can house anywhere between 10 to 100 rooms along with some other features like a diner or a restaurant attached to it. These hotels are a fairly new phenomenon that has gained a lot of precedence in the 1980s in bustling cities like New York and San Francisco. These hotels have needs that are very different from a typical large establishment and getting hold of a boutique hotel management group might help answer a lot of those troubles.

boutique hotel management group

Characteristics of boutique hotels that sets them apart from the others:

  • They are smaller in size and have an air of privacy to them. They are typically smaller establishments and many even give off a homely vibe.
  • These hotels also have a lot of individuality. They typically do not like to fit into commercial moulds of what a hotel should be.
  • Many of them also come with unique design characteristics and architectural features that help to set them apart.
  • If one is looking for a quirky place to stay then these hotels are a fun option. Each has a unique personality of its own and can make a very memorable stay.
  • The location of these hotels also plays a crucial role in the type of clientele that they attract. Most of them are located in urban areas often with a hip, younger crowd, and emphasize more on the experience rather than a gamut of features.
  • These are also very highly steeped in the local culture. One can observe them carrying bits of these into their day-to-day functioning.
  • The service is very individual owing to their small size. For them dealing with every customer on a personal basis sets the foundation for service.
  • The staff is also extremely close-knit, sometimes one might find members of the same family running the hotel and passing it down through generations.

So, if you are a boutique hotel owner or planning to open one, getting a management group to take a look at your daily operations might be a good idea. These might provide the kind of boost your business might have needed to stand out and attract a much wider client base.