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Explore the different type of the boat trolling motors

When it comes to the boat, it is quite difficult for fishermen to control it. Using the gasoline outboard motors will not give the required boat control. For this solution, trolling motors came into the market. The trolling motors give the boat ability to move quickly and easily to the correct location. No sound is created under propulsion so it will not scare any fish. Integration of smart features in trolling motors will help fishermen to more focus on fishing and less worry about boat control. There are three types of trolling motors they are:

  • Bow mounted trolling motors
  • Stern  mounted trolling motors
  • Engine mounted trolling motors

Bow mounted trolling motors

Always boat cannot go in a straight line without motors due to the varying wind flowing direction and water waves. So that it is much easier to pull the bow and push the stern of the boat. Moving of bow sideways is easier than the stern of a boat. To improve the boat control and positioning, the bow-mounted boat trolling can be installed on the front deck. It is important when you feel difficult navigating through inlets, pockets, turns, and deep weed edges. If you want to always place the bait at the nose of the fish then you need a steady boat control. For this, best bow mount trolling motor will help your boat to keep at a constant speed and make it easier for fishing.

Bow mounted trolling motors come with foot control. So that you can use the foot to accelerate and decelerate and also turn the boat with this motor. That frees up the hands for comfort fishing by handling the rod and reel.

enjoying boating

Stern mounted trolling motors

A little electric trolling motor clamped to the stern next to your bigger outboard engine will move the boat silently and will not frighten away the fish, much like the bow-mounted ones. They keep you on a constant trolling speed, which is vital when trying to catch the fly fish or stay up with a group of fish.

Imagine you are sailing a medium-sized boat. Where you have to spend half of your energy controlling the boat moving according to the wind and half of the energy spending on fishing which makes you extreme tiredness and difficult to accomplish the task. With the help of stern-mounted trolling motors, you can control the steering with the touch of a finger. Set your route, and the motor self-corrects, keeping you on a predetermined path and letting you roam around the boat while remaining focused on the fishing. Again, wireless control of the motor is provided via a foot control or hand-held remote autopilot. Some types have specially designed propellers that will not become entangled in dense weeds. This permits you to maneuver through the dense weeds along the coast.

Engine mounted trolling motors

If you have a 14 to the 26-foot boat and don’t need an extra motor on the deck, go with an engine-mounted trolling motor. They are entirely hidden when mounted on the cavitation plate of an outboard or the bottom unit of a sterndrive. Furthermore, while the boat is on the plane, they rise out of the water and do not interfere with the usual functioning of your outboard and boat. If you don’t have room for a best bow mount trolling motor or transom mount the motor on your runabout, an engine mounts electric motor will convert it into a fishing boat. The wireless remote controls forward and reverse and may be mounted on the helm or held in your hands.