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    All hair types can benefit from this form of highlighting since it adds dimension and gives your hair a fuller, thicker appearance. Babylights are tiny, skillfully positioned highlights intended to give hair a lovely tanning impression. They are accomplished by distributing the lightener evenly throughout the head in extremely small patches of hair. The ultimate result is a soft, dimensional look that is reminiscent of the highlights you might have had as a child after spending all day in the sun or on the beach playing.

    The method for adding Madrid babylights is comparable to that for standard highlights; the only distinctions are the quantity of hair in each sheet and the distance between them.

    To guarantee that the strands mix seamlessly with the base colour, small bits of hair are lightened with a minor gap between the plates.

    Depending on the precise aesthetic desired, Babylights madrid can be used in conjunction with other colouring processes. To impart a subtle dimension to the part and hairline, for instance, Babylights madrid may occasionally be used in conjunction with a standard balayage procedure.

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    THE Babylights madrid ARE FOR WHOM?

    The versatility of Babylights madrid allows for use on hair of any colour and texture. For a better overall appearance, our stylists can assist you in selecting the proper shade to match your skin tone. Since it works with any length, this approach essentially has no boundaries.

    Babylights were created in an effort to resemble the three-dimensional hair frequently seen on young toddlers. Babylights are incredibly thin threads that are precisely woven to produce subtle tonal variations in the underlying colour. Babylights can be difficult to distinguish at first glance, but in actuality, these delicate streaks give so much richness and vibrancy.

    Any hair type and base colour can benefit from using babylights. They are perfect for individuals looking for a covert shift. As carefully guided areas of colour are less destructive than full colour, the babylights balayage technique also performs fantastically as a first step in hair colouring. Babylights are an excellent method for enhancing the base colour and avoiding the occasionally flat appearance of an overall hue. Babylights are ideal for boosting foundation or exactly matching your hair colour to your brows and skin tone because of their numerous placement possibilities and natural blending. Last but not least, the babylights balayage technique can provide the appearance of thickness and volume to people with fine hair.